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J's B-day Cake

Posted by Trish on March 26, 2012 at 7:50 PM

Of the years that I have known J, this would only be the 2nd time I've ever baked him a b-day cake.  This year was really special as it was the first birthday we celebrated as a married couple.  I'm so glad I got to bake this cake for my best friend on his b-day.

J pulled a "J" in the typical sense.  A dinner outing for 10 became 20.  Thus a cake became a cake plus cupcakes; and ingredients became sparse.  Despite my issue with underestimating how much frosting I needed for the cake alone, I really underestimated the amount of frosting needed for the cupcakes resulting in 3 runs to the local convenient store for more ingredients.

I decided to do J's favorite flavour: chocolate.  But I wanted to add a twist: salted caramel.  His cake ended up being 4 layers of dark chocolate cake, with alternating chocolate and salted caramel frosting; and finished with chocolate frosting on the outside.  I couldn't cut into the b-day boy's cake so you just have to take my word on the dual frosting inside.  I must say, I LOVE this cake.  It tastes amazing and it's moist.  The issue? It's terrible for frosting because of it's loose crumbs.  I fought with it so much during my crumb coating that I gave up and didn't do a crumb coating for most of the cake; and the finishing frosting was piped instead of a smooth finish as originally planned.  The cake finished at 6 inches tall, 9 inches in diameter and approximately 15 lbs in weight.

The cupcakes carried the same theme, where the inner frosting was salted caramel and the outer swirls were chocolate.  The cake batter makes awesome cupcakes because no crumb coating is needed and no spreading is required.  At the end of the night, all 18 cupcakes and the giant cake was gone.  Well kind of.  People ate as much as they could and fought for take-home portions.

So my original plan was to carmelize maltzers like you do with hazelnuts to make gorgeous toppers.  I froze the maltzers to prevent them from melting when I dip them.  Yes, it worked.  But minutes later, my maltzers started growing girths from the hot caramel causing the chocolate to blister.  It was so ugly!  Lesson: stop re-inventing the wheel.  People use hazlenuts for a reason...not chocolate.. noted.

~~~~~Happy Birthday My Love~~~~~

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