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New Toy Fail

Posted by Trish on May 23, 2011 at 12:00 AM

I recently finally purchased a Kitchen Aid Artisan Mixer.  Today, I threw out 2 batches of cupcakes.  Here's what happened:

I threw in the dry ingredients, turned the mixer on stir setting with the whip attachment and tossed in the wet ingredients a minute later, letting the mixer do it's magic.  First bite, the cupcakes contained pockets of salt.  Into the garbage they went.  

Pulled out the ingredients and tried again thinking it was a measuring error with the salt.  Threw in the dry ingredients to be stirred again with the whip attachment, and tossed in the wet ingredients once the dry ingredients appeared uniform.  The cupcakes are inedible!  There are pockets of bitter baking soda like random grenades.  Again, garbage they went!

I realized I was too dependent on my new toy to do the work and assumed it would mix uniformly as I would have manually.  Lesson learnt: check the mix or do it manually for dry ingredients.

No more cupcakes tonight.. 2 batches garbaged is enough for the day....

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