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Raspberry Chocolate Bars

Posted by Trish on November 28, 2010 at 1:15 PM

I know I'm quite due for a new entry but the absence is not due to lack of interest but because I just worked 27 days straight.

Today's entry, Raspberry Chocolate Bars is from (javascript:mox()

The recipe calls for frozen raspberries.  Mine are actually from a colleague that stole from another colleague that grows her own raspberries on her acre home nearby.  As per my previous entries, frozen fruits are actually great for making pie fillings, fruit toppings (for pancakes, ice cream etc) and smoothies.

When I think of chocolate and raspberries, I automatically think about white chocolate and raspberry pairing but dark chocolate makes the bars much more decadent.  Using either chocolates will result in a great pairing either way.

The crust has so much butter in it that after it's initial baking, it was a soft gooey mess because the only binding agent was the butter.  

I also used flour instead of cornstarch to thicken the raspberry topping.  Just like pies, if you use flour as a substitute, ensure to use 3 x as much as required for cornstarch.  Only thing is that the flour turns the filling a pastel colour, whereas cornstarch maintains the natural colour thus my filling is more pink than red.

One thing I would like to mention, this recipe was actually categorized by All Recipes as "low-fat".  You will notice the amount per serving is indeed only 59 calories but when you serve Barbie-sized treats, anything could be categorized as "low caloric".  Reality is, these squares are recommended to be cut into 2 inches by 1 inch squares and already contain 3 g of fat at that.  My servings are approximately double that size.  Moral of the story is, just like when you read labels off packages, carefully read the recipes to determine the health quality of the food you are making as well, as not everything is as advertised.

I think I made a very big mistake when measuring the butter because my crust did not turn out at all.  It's currently in the fridge as I try to set the excessive butter.  But the filling is decadent and delicious. 

Note:  After the crust finally set in the fridge, I was able to cut a bar out to show you the layers.  The taste is pretty good even with copious amounts of butter.


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