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Caramel Apple Pie TAKE 2

Posted by Trish on February 24, 2010 at 2:00 PM

So, Yesterday I had an entry up regarding Caramel Apple Pie. However, due to my clumsyness, I accidentally deleted it while trying to play around with my CSS coding. So, this is an attempt to redo the previous entry and includes today's entry which is another Caramel Apple Pie.

I love steamed or warmed chocolate milk. It's less chalky and heavy compared to hot chocolate. I definitely recommend it to anyone whom hasn't tried it yet. Simply use your coffee maker steamer attachment or gently simmer in a pot. I also love post-Halloween candy shopping which got me into my current predicament. I am still trying to eat the $80 worth of candy from Halloween; which brings us to today (and yesterday's) recipe: Caramel Apple Pie.

The first time I ever made pie dough several years ago was intimidating. Little did I know then, that a difficult dry dough is a good dough. If the dough is easy to bring together, then it has too much water and will leave you with a soggy and unflaky crust.

It's time to invest in an industrial rolling pin as I broke mine while attempting to roll out pasta dough by hand. Lesson learned.

J asked about baking apples while we were grocery shopping the other day. The rule is you can use any apple you like as long as it holds its shape and flavour after baking. I like Granny Smiths because its tartness can balance any sweetness I pair it with. Golden Delicious is also a great choice if you want to avoid tart Granny Smith. However, never use Red Delicious because it will turn into mush.

Yesterday's Caramel Apple Pie was made using my own pie crust and a new recipe for the filling. The recipe is from ( and I followed it to a "T" because it got great ratings. Although I generally make a lattice crust because it releases more steam, I had to make a classic crust so the caramel toffee filling wouldn't leak out.

Results: First, I should mention J and I only eat our pies warm, so critiques are based on warm fillings.  This pie was a disaster! It was more like pie soup. There is no way 3 tbs of flour is going to be able to thicken 5 cups of fruit plus caramel toffee. There was a huge empty void between the top crust layer and the filling caused by the apples slowly cooking and shrinking while the crust remained in shape. I dislike voids between my crust and fruit. The caramel did not melt or distribute uniformly and there were candy chunks as you bit into the pie. I was disappointed that I wasted my pie crust on a disastrous filling. I should have trusted my instincts when I knew the recipe was off, but I chose to go along and see the results. So after J panicked as I tossed the entire pie into the garbage, I promised I'd make him another one.

What I did differently? I made the filling the same way I make ALL of my pie fillings. I cook my fillings on the stove top with a thickener so I won't get any surprises after baking. I also mixed the caramel toffee in with the cooked apples instead of layering it like the other recipe.

Results: I think its a no-brainer. Non-soupy pie wins hands down!!!

Pie Tips:

- use cold butter and icy water for crust if recipe calls for these ingredients.

- do not defrost frozen berries before using if you are using frozen over fresh.

-fresh is always best

-wrap edges in foil for half of the baking time so you don't end up with over done edges.

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