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And the ginger hit the milk.....

Posted by Trish on November 11, 2012 at 3:20 AM

J loves ginger.  He loves ginger so much that sometimes I seriously feel like planting a ginger tree.  Pinterest tells me that it's easy enough, right?

Coming from a Cantonese family, we love our sweets contrary to our Mandarin cousins.  Desserts are commonly found in our meals, usually in a sweet nectar form or in variation of jello pudding.  I've wanted to make J this dessert for the longest time because ginger is the star in it. 

There's 2 cantonese desserts that are very similar to each other; a steamed ginger custard and ginger milk pudding.  The latter is what we're showcasing today.  It's really quite unique in that there's no coagulating agent.  No eggs, no steaming, no gelatin.  It is just milk, honey and ginger.

(The literal translation is "ginger hitting the milk".)

There are several tricks to this dessert:

  • You have to use "well-aged" ginger.  This doesn't mean moldy, or dried up.  It means a ginger root that has the threads when you snap it apart.  The threads indicate an older root.

  • The temperature of the milk has to be heated to 176 F and hits the ginger juice at this tempearture.  No hotter. No colder.

  • The milk has to be poured onto the ginger at a height (10 cm) above the bowl.  Nonetheless, I made quite the splash.

The result is a very smooth, cleanly sweet, warm ginger pudding.  The texture is very light, and melts in your mouth.  It's almost like having super soft jello that disolves on contact. It's difficult to describe as Cantonese desserts are quite successful in creating their own unique textures and concoctions.

My ending result was quite successful but the worst case scenario was that I would end up with a ginger latte, which isn't such a bad thing either.


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