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The J-Dub Cupcake

Posted by Trish on June 13, 2012 at 7:15 PM

J once again invited guests and requested for a dessert to be made.  I had to name the resulting dessert after him because he paired the flavours of this concoction in such a unique way, that I initially had doubted the outcome of this decadent fellow.

We started out with the same chocolate cake base as his birthday cake.  The chocolate cake is a moist, dark, rich cake.

Next we filled AND topped each cupcake with the salted caramel frosting (also from J's b-day cake).  I know, this is beginning to not look very different from his birthday cake, so what is all the fuss about?  

He decided we would top them off with a vanilla-cream cheese frosting to satisfy his roomie's craving and put a new twist on the cupcakes.  My initial thought was ".....are you sure?"  Foodies, let's think for a minute.  You've got a dark, sweet chocolate base, filled with salted caramel and topped with a tangy vanilla frosting.  I wasn't sold on the thought but I went along with it.

Oh My Goodness!!! J, you are an absolute genius!!!  I understood the cream cheese and chocolate.  I understood the salted caramel and chocolate.  But I could not wrap my head around this trio combination until I tasted it.  It was amazing! The tangy frosting offsets the richness from the cake base and the sweetness from the salted caramel filling.

Patrissherie - "Oh my goodness! It's soo good!! I'm going to name it after you"

J- "hmm... maybe you should give it a fancier name???"

Well J, I'm naming this concoction after you anyways!


I'm proud to say I've been expanding my frozen treat flavours.  In addition to the last post about Ice-cream, I've churned out the following:

-Matcha (green tea) Cheesecake Ice Cream

-Match (green tea) Chocolate Swirl Ice Cream

-Matcha (green tea) Vanilla Swirl Ice Cream

-Classic Matcha (green tea)

* We went overzealous with the matcha base

-Bear Claw (chocolate with caramel swirl and chocolate covered almonds) Ice Cream

-Peppermint Lindt Chocolate Ice Cream

-Coconut Frozen Yogurt

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