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Strawberry Angel Shortcakes

Posted by Trish on May 29, 2012 at 7:00 PM

I have been dying to make this for the longest time, but I kept waiting until it was strawberry season.  It is the perfect treat to make a dent into my frozen egg whites (from the copious amount of ice cream i've been churning out) and to celebrate Summer's arrival.

Angel food cake batter is a clean freak.  It requires a tube pan and it won't rise if the pan has the slightest smidgen of oil.  The easiest fix to this is to use cupcake liners and make individual portions of the cake.  I love using an ice-cream scoop (with spring loader) to portion out the batter for hassle-free baking. 

For the perfectionist, my cupcakes didn't dome identically to each other since I left the peaks alone after I scooped the batter.  But as you'll see, it doesn't actually matter as it quickly gets covered up by a light dreamy topping.

Each cupcake's center was hollowed out (approximately 1 inch diameter) and filled with a gorgeous strawberry filling.  Strawberries were pureed, and thickened with sugar to form the base in which fresh diced strawberries were folded into.

A light airy whipped cream cheese frosting was piped onto each cupcake.  The result: a light, fluffy cloud-like dream with the sweet flavour of fresh, ripe strawberries.

As J and his new roomie would say, "they're dangerous because you feel like you're eating delicious air".

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