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Blueberry Ice-cream and Black Sesame Ice-cream

Posted by Trish on March 5, 2012 at 7:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Blueberry Ice-cream V 2.0

In lieu of J's approval of the previous blueberry ice-cream, I had to revamp it.  Instead of making the custard from fresh bluberries as I did previously, I cooked it like pie.  It tastes like blueberry pie filling in ice-cream form.  The ice-cream is a gorgeous purple from the natural pigments in the blueberry skins.

Black Sesame Ice-Cream

Growing up, I love black sesame-flavoured desserts.  I knew I had to do an ice-cream variation.  Tiny speckles of ground toasted black sesame are found in the ice-cream.  If you've never had black sesame desserts before, I highly recommend it.  It's extremely flavourful compared to it's pale cousin.  It almost has a vanilla undertone to it.



Ice Cream Fiesta

Posted by Trish on February 8, 2012 at 1:00 PM Comments comments (0)

I remember my very first day in high school, there was an ice cream fiesta to welcome all the newcomers.  11 years later (god, i'm giving my age away), I'm bringing back the spirit of an ice cream fiesta.  J had bought me the ice cream maker attachment for my kitchenaid, and I LOVE IT!!!  He's requested I churn out at least 4 pints of ice cream before I leave for work.  So off to the kitchen I went!

First came the silky rich chocolate ice-cream with mini rolo candies hidden within it. 

The rolo candies inside were surprisingly a great texture when frozen.  There's nothing worst than eating frozen candy that can literally take off a chunk of your tooth.  J was quite happy with this one.  Whom am I kidding? J was happy with all of them!

Next, came the blueberry rich ice-cream.  This one came out ...different.  Things that went weird with this one:

1. It took less than 10 minutes to churn to become ice-cream consistency (compared to the average 30 minutes)

2. It took forever to fully freeze afterwards.

3. The texture was kind of like frozen whipped cream.

Troubleshoot:  I messed around with the original recipe.  I omitted milk which may have contributed to the texture and temperature issue.

Verdict: It was still yummy but it needs work.  The chocolate one overruled by several points.

Lastly, I made my personal favorite: Cookie dough!!  This one has chocolate chip-almond cookie dough incorporated into a honey-vanilla ice cream.  I was the first to crack into this bad boy and I'm so glad I did because this pint turned out to be my favorite of the three.

(Not sure if it was because the pale creamy colour didn't catch enough light, but the camera didn't like photographing the cookie dough ice-cream.  Maybe it was a sign from the universe telling me to just eat it instead.)

Due to the croquembouche, I didn't have enough time (or eggs) to churn out a 4th pint.  It will have to wait until next time!  Ideas?