The Baking Blog of Patrissherie

Have your cake and eat it too

Patrisha, The Pâtisserie

Growing up,  I was exposed to an incredible selection of pastries and cakes which initiated my interest in baking.  However it wasn't until my significant other J and I had to consistently relocate, that I began gourmet baking.  What started out as boxes of cake mix 10 years ago, bloomed into a love with Madagascar Vanilla.   I haven't since gone back to cake mix just because I can find equivalently easy recipes that excel in taste.  My portfolio ranges from homey comfort foods like banana bread to delicate gourmet cakes like multilayered crêpe cake with whipped cream frosting.  Sometimes in life, you just got to have your cake and eat it too!!!   

This blog will be a review of all my new recipes and a sister to my online bakery that will be available in the near future. 


 "Never let being broke, get between you and your appetite"